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Eleanor Hamilton bench headshot.JPG

Hi there, I'm Eleanor!

designer + performer + cat lover + maker 

I'm a designer passionate about people. I graduated from Purdue University in May 2021 with a degree in User Experience Design and Minors in Psychology and Communication. I've always valued human connection above all, and this shows through my design process.

✨ I'm looking to collaborate on your team's next great project in a Brand Design or Creative Marketing role. ✨

One of my passions in life is music, and I hope to integrate this passion into my career. When I'm not designing, you can find me singing with One Voice Indy, or cuddling with my cat, Violet. 

My Design Philosophy

🎶 Be flexible like a performer. 

Things don't always go as planned in performances; sometimes you crack on a high note, forget a line, or maybe a dance move. How you adapt in these moments and move forward defines your success. In design, insights from research can launch a complete change in the process. This is not only okay, but a great revelation to have early on. This ability to adapt to new findings and change the course of action is necessary for a designer.


🐱 Be curious like a cat.

There's an adage - curiosity killed the cat. However, in my design process, curiosity is necessary. I believe it's important to ask questions, but most importantly to ensure you're asking the right questions by drilling down to find the true problem at hand.

🎨 Be resourceful like a maker.

As a maker, I have many tools and materials I use. For sewing projects, I use the machine, pins, needles, rulers, fabric, and patterns. For painting, an entirely separate set of tools is necessary. Design tools include methods like heuristic analysis, content audit, usability testing, and more. To be successful in both making and designing, you must know when to use which tools. 

What's it like to work with me?

"I’ve had the pleasure of working with Eleanor at OneCause for almost two years. She produces some of the highest quality work that I have seen and is very good at communicating changes. She is fast, reliable, and very thorough when it comes thinking through all kinds of user flows. She is also an amazing person that adds a lot of fun to any group that she is a part of. I absolutely recommend her for any team and she would be a delight to work with!"

Dalton Stegner // OneCause // Senior Software Engineer

When I'm not designing . . . 


I'm performing 🎶

I have a background in tap, jazz, ballet, show choir, and musical theatre....if it's on a stage, I've probably done it (and loved it)! 

Just this past June I was in a production of Newsies and choreographed the large tap number, "King of New York." It was a blast!


I'm petting my cat 🐱

I grew up always having kitties in the house, and knew I would eventually adopt one of my own someday. In May 2021, Violet came into my life and we have been best friends ever since. 

I'm always happy to share cute/silly pictures of her. (p.s. she lets me put her in costumes!)

Violet painting.HEIC

I'm making art 🎨

Creativity has always been in my blood. My creative spirit kickstarted at a young age when I found a love for making pop-up cards. Now, I have a weakness for aesthetic packaging and am constantly inspired by the world around me.

The picture above is a painting I did of my cat, Violet!


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